Authoritarian rule via medical data

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Authoritarian rule via medical data

Recently, I received a letter from Medicare for my 7 and 13 year old children regarding eligibility and booking in a covid19 vaccination. In 31 years of being a parent with many children, I have never received a letter regarding getting a vaccination and this has clearly been programmed in the system recently. Apart from the serious issues with this particular jab, the purpose of this article is to start a conversation about where this overreach is all heading and what sort of future we want for ourselves and our children.

My daughter posted the letter below on Linkedin and at the time of writing it has amassed nearly 70,000 views, 229 comments and 20 shares. When trying to reply to comments, she ended up with a warning from Linkedin, who particularly hated the word, "experimental", so linking to any science going against the narrative was going to be a huge strike.

Sharelle Andrewartha on LinkedIn: Disgusting. Australian government sending out a letter to my 7 year | 229 comments
Disgusting. Australian government sending out a letter to my 7 year old brother to get jabbed. Who can be held accountable for this, when even letters ... 229 comments on LinkedIn

Addressing some of the comments;

"They are just notifying you that it is now available".

No adults to my knowledge have ever received a letter from Medicare notifying them that they were eligible to receive the covid19 jab. We have been subject to a relentless media campaign, vaccine mandates, restrictions, lockouts, lockdowns, etc.. for the last 2.5 years and even before there was a jab, we had the Premier of Victoria tell us, that the only way out of this pandemic was to have everybody vaccinated. Also for children 5-11, this was available in January 2022, and my 13yo was eligible in late 2021. It was also only recently when a child of mine turned 18, that he received a letter about covid19 vaccination.

This has been a recent change where they are linking the records from the Australian Immunization Register to Medicare. Never before has any reminder letter come out for childhood vaccinations inviting one to book.

Other comments

"They are saying we know who you are, where you live, that you did not get jabbed, that we are monitoring you, and are not too shy to let you know it."

"It is not the Governments business."

"The letter is addressed to the parent, stop trying to create something out of nothing. If the parents choose not to protect their child they will only be answerable to him when he gets older"

Now, leaving aside the issues with the jab, it is still a medical procedure and all medical procedures come with risks. Is it right to use the government database to coerce people to taking a medical procedure? If the aim was simply to inform, why the need to provide information on bookings.

Another argument is that parents will make their own minds up, so the letter is harmless. A letter from the government comes with authority and because it is also personally addressed, the response it is intended to illicit is to have parents book a vaccination for their children, 5 years and older. A scheme the government also runs is the Teen Dental Program but the letters do not state, that your child is due for routine cleaning. It simply notifies the parent that there is funding available. Imagine a world where the government was able to keep track on how often children's teeth had been cleaned by a dental nurse and sent out reminder letters for their cleanings. Ridiculous. In this case, it will be reminder letters for boosters going out to parents linked to the children's records and then sent to children personally when they are 18.


The Guthrie test, also called the PKU test, is a diagnostic tool to test infants for phenylketonuria a few days after birth. Most parents will submit to this test but what many don't know is that these cards are stored on permanent record. The collections of Guthrie cards stored by state newborn-screening laboratories can thus be viewed as "DNA banks."

In Victoria, "After 2 years, cards are securely stored indefinitely. Access to stored cards is tightly controlled and protected by state legislation." And one really needs to ask the question, why do they need to store the card indefinitely.

The Australian Childhood Immunization Register was established in 1996. Prior to this vaccination records were held in a little book that you personally kept. The reason given for the register was to improve uptake of childhood vaccines. The ACIR was initially introduced in 1996 to record all immunisations administered to children from birth to 7 years.

From 30 September 2016, the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) expanded to become the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), a national register that records immunisations given to people of all ages in Australia.

Many knew that the plan all along was to expand the immunization register to adults and covid19 provided the best excuse to continue development of this platform and link it to other government services and payments ultimately.

No Jab, No Pay and No Jab, No Play were the perfect trial run on linking vaccinations to childcare/social security payments and early childhood services. It saw doctors deregistered for signing medical exemptions even for vulnerable, immunocompromised children. Their offices were raided. The catchup schedule was insane without flexibility, and children got injured. It polarized parents between those who jabbed and those who didn't. Yet for many years prior, no one blinked an eyelid if your child was not vaccinated, it was a personal choice but the government and media were able to successfully whip up hysteria that marginalized parents who chose not to vaccinate and have them labelled as hippies, tin foil hat wearing, anti-science, flat earthers. As a consequence many exclusive groups of unvaccinated families came together for support and friendship and some found ways around the no jab, no play rules to attend childcare/kindergarten without jabbing their children or set up nanny share homes.

Looking to the future, what happens when your medical record, using the blood collected from you, says that you have a potential to develop epilepsy or cancer or heart issues and you need X treatment or can't drive or take on a particular job?

In a world of CRISPR is a technology that can be used to edit genes, your genetics can also be stored in a database and this information used by the government, linking it to payments and access to services. Perhaps, even who you can or can't marry, based on the genetic testing and whether you can have children based on the potential for poor health outcomes which will cost society.

Do you think it's the government's role to send out routine letters about:

Contraception, sterilization, IVF treatment, vaccinations for all adults not just children, scans, medical testing, genetic testing, abortion, the latest drugs available, etc?

Do the government send out letters about nutrition, healthy eating, rest, exercise or provide funding for personal trainers, gyms, dietitians, naturopaths and other allied health professionals?

Even if they could, where do we draw the line in society because the slippery slope that we are rapidly going down is one of authoritarian control using medical data. We have already had a trial run in what human rights can be violated in the pursuit of the greater good, where privacy is not respected and we allow government overreach in all aspects of life from who we can see, where we can work or travel to, to our bodily autonomy.

We do not want this dystopian, Gattaca like future for our children and it is our responsibility personally and professionally to build a good future for our children and not allow systems and laws to evolve that can be used by a totalitarian regime. If we learnt anything from the last 2.5 years, is that we cannot comply our way out of tyranny.  

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