The Art of War in Covid times

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The Art of War in Covid times

In war, you understand the target and your opponent, their weaknesses and strengths, the likely scenarios and how things play out under various strategic measures.
In 2017, The Center for Health Security ran a SPARS Pandemic exercise narrative that comprised of a futuristic scenario about a novel coronavirus and the methods used to market a vaccine. They knew the target resistance groups and how to target them and used social media to promote the vaccine. It's amazing how much this narrative came to fruition in real life.
Did Art imitate life of life, art?

They understood the psychology of people and how to manipulate them.

However, what they didn't count on was the many digital warriors, protesters, professionals, military and organizations that would stage the resistance. This is not going to their plan. Hold the line, keep pushing back. There will be casualties but in any war, battles may be lost and won but keep your eyes on the prize. Freedom is non negotiable. Friendships lost and gained. Many things happening behind the scenes.

The plan is an interesting read, to understand and for targeted counter action."

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