Australia a nation of fools

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Australia a nation of fools
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Esther, an unjabbed Australian travelled to America recently, via Europe and the United Emirates, to see her sick brother. I was captivated by Esther's (not real name) story and how she concluded after her experience overseas, that Australia is a nation of fools.

How would people in Australia react to the fact that in America, organizations are printing out vaccine cards for their unjabbed staff so they can continue to work, or that if under a mask mandate, schools have a secret phrase that is broadcast over the loudspeaker so that students discretely find their masks and put them on, or that negative PCR tests or vaccine status has little bearing on entry into a country.

Where you can sit in a public place and hear people talk about where to get vaccine cards on the black market or how to buy the card stock and print the vaccine cards out yourself. This is in Brooklyn, New York. Same in Europe, Israel and Asia, where you can "buy" yourself into the vaccine passport system via a doctor or nurse, who will squirt the mrna down the sink and for US$100-$300, that's the price of "freedom".

In Australia, they would have the SWAT team out and all the do gooders and dibber dobbers reporting on anyone whose mask was half down! Seriously, what a world away is Australia from "normal". In America there is no centralized database system for vaccination records. Your vaccine is recorded on a card and that's it. People play along with the game but they know it's bullshit and these people making up these fake vaccine cards for their staff, are double vaccinated.

The brother in law that she stayed with is an ambo and gets called out several times a night but despite covid cases in New York being high, he isn't getting call outs for covid. He's working unjabbed, might consider the shot if he needs it for a promotion but the topic of jabs is just not the polarized one that it is in Australia.


So while Esther was in New York, she got covid which wasn't unexpected. She had been taking the supplements beforehand and got over covid quickly. She made sure she got a PCR test confirming the infection and a doctor's note that said "seek medical advice from primary care physician prior to vaccination" and this was her ticket home. She had watched the whole Djokovic saga unfold and had all her ducks lined up and an alternative backup plan, had she not got covid.

Armed with these documents proving immunity, she booked her flight home and all was fine until she landed in Sydney Airport. There she was told that she needed a medical exemption which she could get from hotel quarantine in order to be released. However, it became clear that this was just a lie, to get her to go to the hotel because when she arrived at the hotel, there was no one there to give her an exemption and she was told to contact the NSW Ministry of Health and that it was unlikely she would get an exemption straight away and she would need to stay at the hotel until she was allowed to leave.

After a frustrating and deliberate run around, she finally reached a woman  at the Ministry of Health, who spoke English as opposed to someone that sounded like they were from a foreign call centre. This woman was incredibly helpful and asked her to email to her directly the information for her exemption. Two hours later, Esther received a formal exemption to leave. However the Sabbath was fast approaching and forbidden to travel on the Sabbath day, Esther makes the decision to stay in the hotel instead of being stuck at an airport on the Sabbath Day.

She described to me, how many people were working at hotel quarantine and the incredible amount of wasted resources used to run it. It would cost a fortune. She was so outraged, she penned a letter to the Prime Minister about it.

Come Sunday morning, she called reception and said that she was ready to leave but was then told that she does not have an exemption and the police officer and the staff that had been there on the Friday are not working and that she would have to wait till the Monday to get out of hotel quarantine. At this point she is ready to lose it. She decides to try and leave and when she gets to the elevator is given the scripted story that she can't leave because the elevator has had a covid positive person in it and that it needs to be deep cleaned.

She then get a phone call from a police officer telling her that if she leaves, she will be arrested and end up in a detention facility that is not as nice as hotel quarantine. So back in her hotel room, she tries to figure out how to get out. She is also travelling with her ten year old son, which adds to the complication as he is quite intimidated by the police officer with the gun and his mother's assertiveness, expressed as righteous anger.  She messages her husband who sends her an email that confirms that she has an exemption but this is not accepted by the hotel quarantine staff. Remembering that a counselor had contacted her at the start of her stay, she finds the email contact for the counselor and proceeds to write an email to the effect that she is not handling being in hotel quarantine and is suffering extreme anxiety and within minutes, she is allowed to leave. She heads to the airport where her husband arranges her a flight to Melbourne.

No where in the world, did Esther need to show her vaccination papers except Australia. In France she was asked to show it, but she just said "I hold an American passport and I can travel to the America, unvaccinated" and on arrival did not need to even show her negative PCR test. Nor did she have to quarantine at any of the countries she passed through. She knew her rights, was well read on the "rules", had various options open to her to use and even yelled at the Australian police officer at one point, in the sheer ludicrously of the situation.

The rest of the world has moved on but Australia is stuck in some weird alternate reality. What is exactly the reasoning for hotel quarantine in a community where covid is rampant? How much expense is going into the hotel quarantine?

With Australia set to open to international travellers soon, and the National Cabinet's recent meeting where the States agreed to move to plan D, which allows entry to unvaccinated travellers, how can this quarantine island, "covid zero" mentality that has crippled Australia continue? Are Australians going to start interrogating international travellers like they did Novak Djokovic? Is it going to revert to being a prison colony again with thousands of international travellers forced to quarantine? Are the Australian people going to respond with hostility and distrust to the "outsiders" from overseas?

Another interesting tidbit of information from Esther. She said her double jabbed husband in Australia who took the jabs for his job, started preaching vaccines to her after his jabs. Like his thinking had been altered.

Another thing she said was that when you have a religious community or spiritual belief, where God is a higher authority than the government, then it's easier for people to refuse to accept the bullshit narrative.

Australia was the perfect site for NWO military grade mind control. A largely secular and compliant society that has been trained to follow rules and regulations, where a culture of bullying and egocentism has festered unchecked.

Australia needs to open it's borders to international travel soon; to hopefully break out of the mass psychosis and see the bigger picture, a wider world out there than tunnel visioned, myopic focused world of covid propaganda, peddled 24/7 by the mainstream media.

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