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I follow my intuition and dreams, but am also highly analytical with a degree in Statistics and English Literature. I am a writer and free thinker who has lived out of the mainstream, birthing 11 children, homeschooling for over 25 years and running a professional website development business for almost 20 years.

My greatest calling however is helping people to find health and healing; and to avoid medical harm and chemical poisoning. Eleven years ago, after recovering from postpartum cardiomyopathy, I developed and wrote a website to provide information, stories, and support for PPCM and it was used for research by universities and maternal health organizations in America.

I am passionate about sharing information and experiences with nutrition, supplements, natural organic foods, exercise, detox protocols and spirituality and in life I found myself free birthing 9 times and doing a tree change, sea change and acreage change and now living near the beautiful bayside suburbs, in inner Melbourne. I believe healthy relationships and families are the foundation of society, and cherish my connection to Divine. I have had several near death experiences which have been incredibly transformative and I have also experienced grief, persecution, and betrayal but despite all the hardships in life, I remain positive, fearless and open hearted.

I was a very early adopter of the internet and I have seen the way technology can bring people together for positive change but am increasingly critical of how technology is being used to spread propaganda, manipulate and control, harm and create a totalitarian society.

Humanity is under threat and needs people with intelligence, compassion, generosity and kindness to step up. To do nothing is to be complicit in the harm and in this time, I have found my voice.

I welcome new connections and new ideas.

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I am also currently writing the newsletter and helping out with podcasts for https://healthallianceaustralia.org

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